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Are you spending time on admin tasks, typing or creating presentations and as a result cramming to meet your deadline? 

Are you sending out documents that have not been quality checked?

Are you 'hanging on the phone' trying to book appointments or restaurants?

As a Virtual Assistant I provide secretarial, document production and admin support and can do those tasks for you - allowing you to get on track with the work you need to do and to organise and grow your business. 

Please get in touch to discover what I can do to help you regain the balance.

I look forward to speaking to you soon,


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Share the load, let's discuss the issues you are having and see where I can support you.

When I am doing the tasks that use up your time, you will be free to focus on the work that you need to do.

My experience means that I can complete the tasks quickly - you only pay me for the time spent doing your work.

Spend your free time doing the things you like to do, from booking restaurants to researching holidays, I can help.



"I was aware that Jazz had excellent technical knowledge from the time she worked at Essex Court Chambers, and last year when she got in touch to let me know about her new venture as a Virtual Assistant, I looked at my growing personal admin pile and decided to sign up for her support. I have not looked back!


Within a short space of time Jazz was on top of everything and all outstanding issues had been resolved. Now based in Singapore, the issues with COVID-19 mean I've been unable to get a flight to the UK to complete on the sale of my house, Jazz has assisted with the sale and updated all utilities and service providers, she even receives and deals with my UK post.


The time difference is not an issue as Jazz provides a seamless service and calls are made when I need them. I not only recommend using Jazz for her technical skills but also for her fantastic VA support too. 


It does not matter where in the World you are, Jazz is there!

For me in the last 5 months Jazz has been a life saver!"

- David Grief, Essex Court Chambers, Singapore

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