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I charge an hourly rate of £37.50, with a minimum charge of one hour and invoiced in 15 minute increments thereafter. You may only need my help for one hour a day, week or month, or you may need my help for 20+ hours per week or month. Contact me for cost and payment options.


I can provide urgent assistance and support outside of usual working hours, for this I charge an hourly rate of £50. Please contact me to discuss your requirements, costing and payment options.


If you are considering hiring me on a retainer contract, please get in touch and we can discuss number of hours and payment options.


I create social media posts based on your branding and provide them as an image for you to post to your social media or I post them for you.

For details of my social media packages please contact me.


I can attend meetings to produce accurate minutes/notes using shorthand or I can type minutes/notes from a recording of your meeting. Strict confidentiality and fast turnaround. My hourly rate for work of this type is £50.

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